the draw: monthly tarot readings w/ angela won

the draw is a monthly tarot reading with artist and tarot reader angela won. each month, she’ll draw a card and select an album for the collective energy of that month.

 April 2019


Queen of Swords

Happy Spring! I am beyond excited that we are starting April with big powerful energies and shifts. On March 20th, we celebrated a full moon (super worm moon) in Libra as well as the Spring Equinox, and on March 21st, the sun shifted into Aries season and marked the beginning of a new astrological year. It’s exciting to propel into April with profound planetary energies surrounding us. Even more so with the Queen of Swords as the collective energy for this month.

I’m not going to lie….While I have so much admiration for the Queen of the Swords I often harbor a difficult relationship with this card. I struggle staying true to her energy because I constantly rely on my emotions and intuition rather than the logical brain she personifies. Over the years, I’ve come to fully embrace my emotional, intuitive and sensitive aspects of myself but I’ve also had to work through blurred boundary lines, indecisiveness, and attachments that come with emotions. I have utmost respect for the Queen of Swords because she really is the queen of setting healthy boundaries, objective thinking, logic, and clear communication. She teaches us how to discern situations and people without the messiness of emotions and sensitivity. She is someone that I have looked up to since I’ve started practicing the tarot.


It’s interesting taking note of how this month’s energy compares to last month’s energy of the 8 of Cups. The collective energy for March invited us to honor all that we feel and to prioritize our needs based on emotional fulfillment. This month we are being invited to rely solely on unbiased intelligence and rational thinking, and clearly and honestly communicating our boundaries and expectations without the influence of emotions and the need to soften comments, thoughts or opinions.

I truly believe that we all have so much to learn from the Queen of Swords in regards to self empowerment and advocacy, and setting healthy boundaries and expectations. The most important lesson that we can learn from her is being unapologetically authentic. She gracefully and confidently sits on her throne honoring and holding space for herself no matter the circumstances. She’s incredibly perceptive, independent, resilient, and determined, and not afraid to cut anyone with her sharp words or sword if others don’t respect her boundaries. In one hand she has a long sword as a protection of herself and what she stands for, and the other is open and pointing out to show that she is still receptive of others. It’s a testament of how mature and regal she really is.


All in all, I really encourage you to reflect on how you can honor yourself by truthfully communicating your needs and boundaries with others. Essentially, this is another opportunity to practice self care and love, but this time it’s not about nurturing our heart rather our thoughts and mind. On the other hand, the Queen of Swords asks us to rely more on our logical brain and to lean into the practice of making decisions without the complexity of emotions. Personally, I’m interested to see the clarity, insight, and perception that I will gain when I shift from feeling so much with my heart to thinking more with my head.

the draw: strawberry by Emily Reo


I picked Strawberry as the song for April in honor of Emily Reo’s highly anticipated album Only You Can See It coming out on April 12th with Carpark Records. She’s one of those artists that pulled me in instantly the first time I ever saw her live in Philly several years ago. I distinctly remember hearing Strawberry live then and deeply resonating with it. To me, the song really embodies the energy of Queen of Swords - not wanting to bend who she is for someone else, independence, empowerment, self-advocacy, and unapologetic authenticity. The part of my life I want to work on the most in April is saying no and standing up for myself when needed without apology or lingering guilt. “Don’t knock me down/ what do you deserve from me/ n-o-t-h-i-n-g” YES. That’s the kind of Queen of Swords energy that I’m trying to channel for this month.