cosmic modes:

a pisces season inspired playlist


In honor of the end of a cold and calculating Aquarius Season, I decided to make a playlist dedicated to our transition into Pisces Season. For those of you who aren’t into the astrological arts, Pisces Season begins February 18th and ends March 20th. During this time period, you can expect to get in touch with your intuition and inner feelings. Some heavy stuff is bound to come up, but that’s okay. Right now, we’re just supposed to feel it all without immediately looking for an escape route. That doesn’t mean you should take to dwelling though. As the Piscean way is to generally ‘go with the flow’, so should you in regards to where your inner world might take you.

 Anticipate looking out into the world with an empathetic gaze, which’ll help you recognize just how universally connected we all are. If you’re up to it, check out One Strange Rock. It’s a new show hosted by Will Smith on Netflix that’ll help with visualizing that interconnectedness.

Last but not least, focus on your dreams and your creative energy/output. What do you want the rest of your year to look like? This is a good time to think about topics related to your aspirations without placing limits and boundaries on yourself.

For those of you who aren’t into astrology but love playlists, just look at it as a time to play up all those things I mentioned before. Listen to some sad songs and watch some dark shit. If you’ve got some emotions coming up, just accept them and keep it pushin’. Maybe you’ll find yourself crying to commercials (exhibit a, and b for me) more often than you have in the past. Just accept this and keep swimming. Maybe you haven’t been taking the time to focus on your goals or things you wanted to do this year. Take some time to revisit those old passions and dreams. The whole idea is to become more aware of the patterns and unconscious ways you move through the world.

 As far as the playlist goes, I’ve crafted a selection of 28 songs that are sure to get you out of your head and into your feelings. Each of these dreamy songs carry a pretty strong emotional charge, featuring subjects ranging from love and heartache, to anxiety and depression. With artists like Outkast, Björk, and Nancy Wilson, you’re sure to find something worth including in your own playlists and mixes. If you feel so inclined (& inspired) feel free to make your own Pisces Season inspired playlist and send it to me! Let’s share some tunes.

here’s a soundcloud version that’s slightly different for yall ap*le music heathens 


full disclaimer: I’m not an astrologer. I’m just someone who enjoys its applications in my own life.

(P.S: I’m also kind of doing this because Spotify’s cosmic playlists are absolutely terrible. Hire me, Spotify.)