cosmic modes:

be the ram


 In honor of the end of an endlessly dreamy and heavily emotional Pisces Season, I decided to make another playlist dedicated to our transition into the first sign of the zodiac, Aries. With this shift (beginning on March 19th and ending on April 20th), we can finally celebrate the start of the astrological new year! If you weren’t able to stick with your new year’s resolutions earlier in January, then technically, you can try again this month, especially with all the burgeoning creative energy present at this time.

Aries, also known as the Ram, is often characterized by bold (sometimes brash) and impulsive energies, confidence, curiosity, and leadership. As we experience this shift from a dreamy, heavy hearted Pisces season, we are being called to move away from indulging in our feelings and ego, and towards listening to and trusting our higher, more rational selves.

As this is a period of time that signals the start of new chapters in our lives, we should look back to the things we dreamt about in Pisces season and attempt to make them tangible. A lot of folks may begin new relationships and projects that may not exactly pan out, but fear not: at this time we’re taking stock of the things in our lives and figuring out what really works for us. I know, it’s all easier said than done.  So far this Aries season, I’ve felt nothing but irrational, angry, and a bit scattered. I want to work on FINISHING the things I dreamt of and started in Pisces season, but I’m also getting drawn to new things I’ve been wanting to try out. With all the busy, impulsive energy that’s visiting us right now, I have no doubt that SOMETHING good will come from these scattered feelings. I know that after I trek through the mud, something worth my full attention will end up sticking to me. And I’ll work on nurturing that when the time comes. So, with that being said: go on those dates, start working on that song, apply for that new job, sign that new lease!

Be the Ram.